Sunday, April 19, 2015


Someday, I’ll prove myself how worthy I am for all those respects I didn’t get before. I’ll be more than a random somebody who lives, eats and dies. I’ll be someone greater than all of you. You may have laughed and battered me down in the past and the present but I’ll make sure you screamed my name so loud in the future but my ears won’t caught a single bit of sound coming from all of your filthy mouths. I’ll be standing up high atop of my success, so high that your neck snaps itself from raising your sight beyond its limit. These smudges and dirt you have tainted on my body will be cleansed away. The sweet scent of success will linger around every inch of my body but to you it will smell like utter defeat. Of all the battles I’ve lost, I’ll make sure I’ve won the war whenever I look under my feet and see all of you eyeing me from afar. On that moment, I’ll pose this finger stuck in the middle and all of the angst and angers will subside, falling onto the faces of people who will soon regret undermining me from the moment I was born.

And that is how I avenge myself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Bus

The bus runs wild
A carrier of you and me
Side by side, together
And we thought it would be forever
Going through winds and hailstorms
The bus runs wild
The cloud may pour and the sun may scorch
But I got you by my side and it's fine to set everything aside
A glimpse will never be sufficed
For I am eternally drowned in those beautiful eyes of yours
Through thick and thin
We will be together forever
Or so I thought it will be
Times change
And so do humans
Now you're gone
With those who care you the most
The bus runs wild
For now I am all

- HB, N