Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The one feeling that I hate the most is being totally useless. You tried to help but you're pushed away. Your mouth were muted and you couldn't shriek even the slightest sound. Your eyes were blinded by the hands that you tried to reach for before. And your ears were deaf, but you could only hear the whispers of the uncertainty playing tricks with your mind. All you wanted to do was help, to be a part of something. But you're littered away in the bin of hopelessness and uselessness. You tried, even hard enough than anyone else but fuck it, you are useless. All of your concerns were thrown away because you're worthless in the eye of the one that you love. You wanted to unleash your anger, sadness and disappointment but you have no one to yell at. Well, you have one but doing it will darken the tiny little bright corner of your soul. You didn't want to make things worst for the sake of a bond so you blame yourself. You blame your fucking self! You searched for any possible logical reasons through every crook and cranny that will lead to one thing; your own guilt. You ended up curling yourself down the floor, leaking tears of emptiness because you're nothing worth to be used of. The same melody of despair repeats itself every single night, killing you softly and eating the sanity out of your petty heart. Why? Because you're less than anyone else.